Equipping a measuring machine


An RV-3SB takes a workpiece carrier from a tape and stores it in one of four buffer stations. The test specimen is removed from the workpiece carrier and placed in the measuring machine. If the test specimen has already been measured, it is removed from the measuring fixture before insertion and placed in the corresponding workpiece carrier.

Besonderheiten, Schnittstellen und Hardwarekonfiguration

  • The robot controller takes over the central management of the system. There is no higher-level PLC. The robot is responsible for the entire data management.
  • Three separate Balluff data carrier systems for reading/writing the workpiece carrier process data on the tape or in two buffer stations (communication via RS232, serial expansion card)
  • Control of an E-Terminal E1071 as visual interface for the machine operator. As the end customer requested 10 user levels with 10 users/passwords each, and this exceeds the terminal's capabilities, the entire intelligence of the user/password management was transferred to the robot. The terminal communicates via TCP/IP (Ethernet card as extension)
  • Control of the measuring machine via TCP/IP over two connection channels (sending data as client, receiving data as server)
  • Control of the entire system pneumatics via the 32 digital standard IO's
  • Memory expansion for the controller
  • Any type management, freely parameterizable by the customer in the robot program.
  • FDA-compliant validation. Corresponding regulations were taken into account in the software design (GAMP standard). Requirements for user identification and access control are implemented and ensure tamper-proof data management. Type control with verification, production data control. 
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