FluidLab-PA multi-loop

Multivariable Control

The FluidLab-PA Multi-Loop software used with the EasyPort interface permit to control four types of process variable such as level, flow, pressure, or temperature.


The FluidLab-PA Multi-Loop main screen offer a quick overview of the process and an easy configuration of the PID parameters.

The following control strategies can be performed with the software:

  • PID cascade control.
  • Level and flow control circuits with disturbance variable forwarding for a constant final control element.
  • PID ratio controller for two flow control circuits and a constant final control element.
  • PID limiting controller for flow and pressure control circuits and a constant final control element.
  • PID controller with disturbance variable forwarding for pressure control with flow disturbance variable by means of a proportional valve.
  • PID controller with disturbance variable forwarding for temperature control with non-constant heating/cooling final control element.
  • PID selecting controller for temperature control with non-constant heating final control element.

To carry out the tests, different hardware variants with additional components are required

  • MPS PA Compact Workstation
  • MPS PA Reactor Station


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