FluidLab®-PA closed loop V5.0
New version is available.
App - MELFA Robot Error Diagnostics
An app for diagnostics for Mitsubishi Melfa industrial robots.

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Fluid Lab®-PA closed loop

FluidLab-PA closed-loop

Control engineering in focus

Fluid Lab®-PA process

FluidLab-PA process

Getting started in process engineering

Fluid Lab®-PA multi-loop

FluidLab-PA multi-loop

For multi-variable control

Fluid Lab®-AirCS


Software for compressed air energy monitoring and compressor control in connection with the AirCS EduTrainer® containing exercises and didactic aids.

Fluid Lab® Water-Management

FluidLab-Water Management

FluidLab-Water Management is used to control the EDS Water Management System via EasyPorts

Simulationssoftware für Worldskills

Simulation training scenario for WorldSkills

1st training task are now available for WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 in the skill Water Technology


EiSLab - Energy Intelligence System

Individual generators or consumers are available as exhibits, others are simulated. With a limited amount of material, a network can already be simulated.

WBT Prozessautomation

WBT - Process automation

Basic principles of process automation

Bild MuVo

WBT / MuVo

WBT - Web Based Training

App - MELFA Robot Error Diagnostics

App - MELFA Robot Error Diagnostics

The app gives you the possibility to get detailed error information for Mitsubishi MELFA industrial robots.

APP - MELFA Client

APP - MELFA Client

An app for diagnostics for Mitsubishi Melfa industrial robots.

APP - Adiro DC-Wattmeter

APP - Adiro DC-Wattmeter

An app to display and store measure values of a DC-Wattmeter.

App - MELFA Robot Error Diagnostics

App - MPS TS Compact Trainer I4.0

This is an optional app for the MPS TS Compact Trainer I4.0 of Festo Didactic.

EDS® WWTP VR-Simulator

EDS WWTP VR-Simulator

The EDS WWTP VR simulator blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world



Tasks for programming with systemdesignsoftware LabVIEW and MatLab



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