MPS PA Compact Workstation for Festo Didactic

The Compact Workstation has four controlled systems that can be operated individually.

Current version

MPS® PA Compact Workstation Version ab 2018

Previous version

MPS® PA Compact Workstation Version vor 2018

The level and flow rate control systems can be structured as a cascade control system through the addition of an appropriate controller.

The layout of the sensors and servo drives permits experimentation with both continuous (e.g. P, I, PI, PID) and discontinuous action controller types (e.g. 2-point controllers). The pump can either be controlled directly or operated in controlled-speed mode.

The manipulated variable of the controller in the flow rate and pressure control systems can alternatively act upon a proportional directional control valve. A ball valve with pneumatic drive is built into the return between the high-level container and the lower reservoir. The pneumatic drive can be used to simulate a “load” for switching on a disturbance in the level control system or as an on-off valve for emergency switch-off.



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