DC-Wattmeter for energy monitoring

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The first step is to measure electricity consumption. The DC wattmeter is a smart meter for training facilities with a 24 V DC power supply and up to 120 W power consumption.
All measured values can be read out via data transmission with the integrated Ethernet port. Power consumption is read out as an analogue signal within a range of either 0 to 10 V DC or 4 to 20 mA.


Standby consumption over time plays an important role. The sensitivity goes so far that the switching of the sensor signal can be recognised via the current consumption.
The DC wattmeter offers a high resolution of the measured values.
The consumption values can be switched between current and total power. The connection technology with screw terminals and the housing with top-hat rail adapter ensure practicality. The reverse polarity protection prevents defects in the event of incorrect wiring. Wiring to terminal contacts can be carried out both for individual loads and for the entire MPS PA station.


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