MPS PA 204 Complete system for Festo Didactic

Focus on process technology

The system consists of the filtering, mixing, reactor and filling stations. The filtering station filters a liquid. The filtrate is pumped from the first tank through the filter into the second tank via different process valves. The filtered liquid is fed into the first tank of the mixing station. The mixing station mixes different recipes from three storage tanks. The finished mixture is pumped to the Reactor station via a pump. The Reactor station regulates the temperature of the liquid. Depending on the recipe selected, different temperature profiles are run with different stirring times. The Filling station fills the liquid into bottles. The bottles are transported to the filling position via conveyor belts. A pneumatic separator separates the bottles. Depending on the selected recipe, the bottles are filled with different filling quantities from the dosing container.


The training system for process technology includes the stations:

MPS PA Lernsystem Filtern


MPS PA Lernsystem Mischen


MPS PA Lernsystem Reaktor


MPS PA Lernsystem Abfüllen



These can operate individually or can be directly combined with each other by simply pushing them together. The overall functionality of the system is guaranteed without program changes or additional connecting cables by using sample programs and touch panel supplied.



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