EiSLab® - Energy Intelligence System

EiSLab® - Energy Intelligence SystemAlready today, more than 45 percent of Germany's gross electricity generation is renewable. Where previously the generation output of a coal-fired power plant was matched to consumption in the grid, we are now dependent on wind and solar. How can a stable supply still be guaranteed? How will our usage behavior change? What technical requirements will every intelligent electrical consumer have to meet in the future?
With a view to the big picture, the Energy Intelligence System enables us to address these questions.

Hardware und Software: Anfassen, Simulieren oder Beides
Hardware und Software: Anfassen, Simulieren oder Beides

Switching and monitoring center

Selected generators, storage units and consumers are displayed on one interface. This also makes the combination of simulated and real network participants intuitively understandable.

EiSLab® Schnittstellen

EiSLab® Interfaces:

  1. Pure simulation in the module
  2. Measurement of your hardware
  3. Communication with other software
  4. LabVIEW interface module

Hardware and software interlock flexibly. Individual configurations allow flexible usage scenarios:

  • Pure simulation
    All generators and consumers are simulated. Many learners can thus simultaneously run through scenarios in the power grid and compare different solutions.
  • Hardware and software
  • Individual generators or consumers are available as exhibits, others are simulated. With a limited amount of material, a network can already be simulated.

EiSLab® - Energy Intelligence SystemDC wattmeters can be used to measure the power of real generators or consumers. In this way, devices can be measured at 24 V DC in a power range of up to 120 W. The measured values of the DC wattmeter can be read in either directly via Ethernet or via the analog value of the DC wattmeter and EasyPort.


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