EduKit PA for Festo Didactic

Entry into process and control technology - simple and safe

  • Edu = Educational
  • Kit = Project construction kit = modular system construction with tanks, pipework, valves, pumps, sensors and controls
  • PA = Process automation in the sense of machine and system automation, specifically geared towards processes with liquids and bulk materials

The project kits are modular, can be expanded flexibly and are therefore ideally suited for exciting and practical lessons in technology. Links can be made with industrial project work, filling level control, flow rate control and pressure control.

The didactic concept of EduKit PA both supports experimental learning as well as a structured procedure, thanks to extensive optional training materials with project exercises and a lot of additional documentation on CD ROM. EduKit PA is therefore the inexpensive way to become familiar with process and control technology, both in vocation-oriented lessons as well as for use at colleges and universities.


EduKit PA Basic

Teaches the basic principles of project work and the fundamentals of closed-loop control – manual measurement, open and closed-loop control – without a PC and without sophisticated control technology.

EduKit PA goes IoT(Internet of Things)

"No IoT without networking" -> So let's start small!
Due to end-to-end networking, interdisciplinary understanding is more important than ever.

Based on the EduKit PA goes IoT modular project kit, a tabletop bottling plant can be built, including communication on the Internet.


EduKit PA Advanced

Supplements the EduKit PA Basic modular product system with the topics of automated measurement, open and closed-loop control, sensors and electrical interfaces. The EduKit PA Basic is required when using the components of the EduKit PA Advanced.

IoT = Internet of Things, Microcomputers are being embedded in more and more things, so-called embedded systems, which work in a network with others and exchange information. The EduKit PA IoT integrates an intelligent energy meter whose data can be retrieved via an app. A Raspberry single-board computer serves as a gateway for various internet services and the production control system is PC-based.



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