EDS Water Management for Festo Didactic

EDS Water Management is a modular training system which represents the core processes of a water and wastewater treatment plant in the form of a water cycle from source to wastewater treatment plant and back again.

EDS WMGT - Wasseraufbereitung

Water purification

EDS WMGT - Wasserversorgung

Water supply

EDS WMGT - Abwassertransport

Wastewater transport

EDS WMGT - Abwasserbehandlung

Wastewater treatment

EDS WMGT - Sandfiltration

Sand filtration

EDS WMGT Membranfiltration

Membrane filtration

EDS WMGT Adsorption


EDS WMGT Mechanische Reiningung

Mechanical treatment


Thanks to its industry-oriented design, EDS Water Management makes it possible to explain the principles behind the collection, extraction, transport and treatment of water and wastewater. It offers a compact introduction to measurement, open-loop control and closed-loop control technology.

In practical exercises and experiments, the individual process steps are analysed in detail to illustrate how changes in one area can affect the whole system. As most of the components of the training system are the same as their real-life equivalents, students will find that completing the exercises is an exciting as well as an authentic experience. Detailed documentation, including theoretical topics, also helps ensure successful training.

There is a special emphasis on understanding the system as a whole. To achieve this, various types of water consumption and rain events can be simulated in order to demonstrate the effects in the sewage system or a malfunction in the rainwater storage reservoir.

The system is designed so that a certain amount of dirt is automatically added. This dirt must behave in the same way as sludge particles and must be fed back into the process after appropriate drying.

The system is sub-divided into four stations, each of which can be operated on its own. These individual stations are designed as portable tabletop models.

EDS Water Management consists of the following stations/components:

  • Water treatment station
  • Water supply station
  • Wastewater disposal station
  • Wastewater treatment station
  • Water supply tank/ground water
  • Additional oxygen measurement package to measure the dissolved oxygen in the water
  • Additional chlorine package to measure the chlorine in the water
  • Sand filtration station
  • Membrane filtration station     

Dimensions (whole system except for supply tank):

  • Width: 2760 mm
  • Depth: 400 mm
  • Height: 1150 mm (from tabletop)


  • ~ 63 kg (total for all four stations)

Requirements for operation:

  • Compressed air: 4-6 bar (~50 l/min)
  • Water (~10 – 15 l)
  • DC 24 V
  • PC (at least Win XP, USB 2.0)

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