FluidLab®-PA closed loop

Fluid Lab®-PA closed loop FluidLab®-PA closed loop using FluidLab®-PA step by step to teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of control technology. The EasyPort is used to connect the PC and real hardware, e.g. the EduKit PA, the MPS® PA compact workstation, the MPS® PA filtration station, mixing, reactor, filling or the EDS Water Management stations.

Parametrisation of sensor values with factor and offset to represent the physical quantities as well as signal attenuation per median filter for the analogue input signals. Display of the physical value in the variable units field. Other possible settings are the inversion of the controller direction, Y offset in the continuous rules and the selection of the simulation mode.

Menu: Measurement
All binary and analogue process data, for example the signal statuses of the sensors, process fittings and pump, can be displayed graphically and evaluated directly. To record the sensor characteristic and determining a step response, functions are available such as selection of measuring channels, adjusting the test time or cursor evaluation with zoom function.

Menu: Characteristic curve
The characteristics of a final control element (e.g. pump or proportional valve) is investigated in various perspectives (voltage for flow, flow for pressure, pressure for voltage).

Menu: 2-point controller
Typical applications are level and temperature controlled systems.

Menu: Continuous regulation
Experimentation, configuration and optimisation of the control processes (P, PI, PD or PID controller) with immediate effect in the process. Controlled systems can be operated via mouse click. Trouble-free documentation of the control parameter is possible. The measured values and curve profiles can be documented comprehensively. The block diagram can be displayed as a function menu for all continuous controllers with current numerical values.

Industrial controller functions
System operation like in a process control system. It is possible to specify nominal values, display warning limits and switch the controller between manual and automatic.

A simulated process model illustrates the sequence identically to the operation of the real hardware.


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