AirCS® Efficiency Compressor for Festo Didactic

The AirCS® Efficiency Compressor system represents a learningsystem for the industrial compressed air generation, preparation and storage with heat recovery.
The system can be operated as stand-alone unit or with the additional storage unit with two more compressed air tanks, a heat storage and an electrical heater.
It can be demonstrated how much energy can be saved if an appropriate heat recovery is used.

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The Efficiency Compressor station can be operated as a stand-alone unit. The heat can be released into the environment via the external cooler instead of the storage station. A compressed air storage tank (2 litres) is included.
Only industrial components are installed in the station for industrial use.
Most of the compressed air components are from Festo.
The additional network-compatible SIEMENS Sentron PAC4200 power meter for the entire station is optional for integration into an energy monitoring system.

Learning targets

  • Apply methods of energy analysis using an industrially relevant example
  • Compressed air generation, treatment and storage
  • Industrial heat recovery
  • Temperature influence during compression

Level: Vocational and higher education
Specialisations: Energy technology, energy systems, energy conversion, thermodynamics, energy efficiency, automation


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