Assembly and handling of fuel cells


  • Assembly and handling of fuel cells with robot Mitsubishi RV-12SL.

Special Features

  • The robot has the central management of the plant. There is no higher-level control.
  • An E-Terminal (E1101) is integrated into the system as HMI (programming also by Adiro). The synchronization of the robot and the HMI display is the responsibility of the robot controller.
    The following operating modes are implemented in the E-Terminal:
    - Automatic mode
    - Manual operation
    - Initial position
    - Communication to the terminal via TCP/IP
  • Communication to the remaining parts of the system via digital IO's.
  • Automatic basic position movement of the system, including the robot, from any situation.
  • Error management
    Most errors are displayed in the terminal with the help of a plain text message.
Handling von Brennstoffzellen
Handling von Brennstoffzellen



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