Robot DJ's


  • Trade fair application for Festo Didactic with two robots that move a component back and forth in an endless processing cycle. The processing cycle is interrupted at the push of a button, the two decide in a discussion on a CD, place it in a CD player and start dancing. The application can be seen worldwide at trade fairs where Festo Didactic is present.
  • Robot: 2 x Mitsubishi RV-2AJ
  • Project implementation: 2004/2005

Special Features 

  • Both robot systems run synchronously. All motion sequences are synchronised with digital I/Os in a process-safe manner.
  • In addition, communication takes place with 2 Festo controllers (one processing station per robot). These are also synchronised with the overall sequence.
  • Complex basic position run of the entire system, during which any components or CDs that may still be gripped are automatically returned to their place of origin. The system is thus 100% maintenance and operation-free and thus does not represent any stress for the exhibition personnel.
Robot DJ's

The Robot DJ's in front of the Festo Didactic booth
at the WorldSkills 2005 in Helsinki.

Robot DJ's




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