Threebots in Mitsubishi Showroom


Eight Mitsubishi Electric products will be presented in this exhibit. The robots are one of them, the touch panel with which the user can intervene in the process to enter the interactive mode is another. Six more products are on turntables.
The robots perform a choreography in an endless loop until a user interrupts it and switches to interactive mode. In interactive mode, the user can select a product he is interested in on the display. The desired product then turns in the direction of the user and the corresponding video is played back on the monitors attached to the robots.

Special Features

  • Synchronization of the three robots (2x RV-7FLM, 1x RV-13FM) via a PLC (Q03UDV).
  • Movement of the robots were precalculated and are transferred from the control computer to the robots by means of MXT data.
  • Basic position movement from any situation possible.
  • Communication of the control computer to the PLC via digital inputs and outputs by means of a Controllino.
  • Ethernet connection from control computer to robots.
  • Connection of robots to PLC via CC-Link.
  • Control of the six turntables via PLC.
  • Operation takes place via a touch panel connected to the control computer.

Project participations

  • Design, video creation and project management (Elastique)
  • Control computer, synchronization video to robot (Grosse8)
  • Programming robot and SPS (Adiro)
  • Structure of the plant (MW-Tec)
  • Plant cladding (Metron)



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