MPS® PA Mixing Learning System


The mixing station mixes different recipes from three reservoir tanks. The liquid from one of the three reservoir tanks is pumped into the main tank in a controlled manner by opening the respective two-way ball valve. The finished mixture can be pumped to the next station via a second pump – or pumped back to the reservoir tank.

Measurement and control

Using a constant flow rate, the three raw materials are mixed to a recipe in the mixing station. The flow rate is recorded by means of an electromagnetic flow sensor and additionally displayed using a variable-area flowmeter. The output signal from the flow sensor is converted to a standard signal from 0 – 10 V. The mixing station can also be actuated through binary means using the integrated comparator. The controller adjusts the necessary flow rate via the pump with analogue control – using a simple two-point controller or various dynamic controllers such as P, PI or PID. This permits a clear explanation of control technology on various levels.

Always the right mixture

The component mix of the mixing station offers a wide selection of typical components from process engineering. Pumps and process valves, various sensors for signal detection as well as electronic modules for signal conversion permit the right 'training mix'.

Sensors for detecting the filling level of containers. With overflow protection thanks to additional sensors on each container, thereby virtually eliminating the possibility of overflow.

Signal converters convert all analogue signals from the station to standard signals from 0 – 10 V. Practical for the purpose of experimentation: integrated comparators also supply purely binary signals.

Two-way ball valve with SYPAR scotch yoke rotary actuator, large optical display and directly connected NAMUR valve.

Training aims for project work

  • Construction, wiring and commissioning of a system for process technology
  • Selection, application and connection of various flow sensors
  • Measurement of electrical and process-related variables such as level and flow rate
  • Design and commissioning of control circuits
  • Analysis of control processes and control circuits
  • Parameterization and optimization of P, PI or PID controllers
  • Drafting of open-loop and closed-loop control programs
  • Process operation and monitoring
  • Inspection, maintenance and servicing



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