MPS PA Bottling Learning System


The bottling station fills bottles with liquid. The liquid is pumped into the dosing tank from the reservoir. These bottles are transported to the filling position via conveyors. A pneumatic separator separates the bottles. The bottles are filled with different filling quantities from the dosing tank in accordance with the recipe selected.

Measurement and control

The filling level of the dosing tank is detected in the filling station using an analogue filling level sensor. The controller regulates the filling level to the required setpoint value via the dynamically controlled pump (0 – 10 V).

The filling level in the dosing tank is kept constant during filling, which optimizes the quality of the filling process. Various control algorithms such as P, PI or PID can be applied and optimized during experiments. The characteristics of the control process can be modified using hand valves already integrated. Control technology is clearly and practically explained in this way.

Transporting, separating, filling

Few segments of the diversified process industry are associated with such a wide range of end products as the food industry. All foodstuffs, whether dairy products, baked goods, juice, beer or wine have their own requirements with regard to the handling and production of the corresponding end products. Transporting, separating, proportioning and filling play an important role here.  

Optical sensors, adjustable using background suppression, monitor transportation on the conveyors of the bottling station.

The pneumatic separator ensures that there is never more than one bottle at the filling position.

The filling quantity can be easily adjusted by selecting different recipes.  

Training aims for project work

  • Construction, wiring and commissioning of a system for process technology
  • Selection and application of filling level sensors
  • Measurement of electrical and process-related variables such as level
  • Design and commissioning of control circuits
  • Analysis of control processes and control circuits
  • Parameterization and optimization of P, PI or PID controllers
  • Drafting of open-loop and closed-loop control programs
  • Process operation and monitoring
  • Inspection, maintenance and servicing



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