Fault simulator

For the setup of a roadshow at the TH Wildau a fault simulator was developed. With the help of the Democase, errors that influence the process can be set. This allows topics such as energy monitoring, predictive maintenance or automated picking to be addressed in a practical manner. In the area of teaching and research, the simulator is used to prepare studies on the topic of human-machine interactions and advanced projects such as the construction of digital twins.
The main features are:

  • Conveyor belt with I/O link incremental encoder for recording belt speed
  • Feeding chute
  • Pneumatic ejector unit
  • RFID read/write modules
  • Signal lamp
  • 2 axis handling system
  • Stacking magazine with pneumatic separation
  • Energy measurement with DC-Wattmeter
  • S7-1512 control and TP700
  • ...

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Customer: TH Wildau

Projectnumber: 2210343



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