First hybrid competition in the field of water technology

The first hybrid competition in water technology between future participants of WorldSkills Germany and WorldSkills Russia took place at the end of May. The hybrid competition format is a real innovation in times of global pandemic.

The term "hybrid" means that the participants and the supervising experts only see each other via online communication. Nevertheless, practical exercises were conducted on site and monitored remotely via webcams. The event was a challenge for all participants.

On the Russian side, the Challenge was led by Dmitrii Ponomaryov, the national expert on water technology. It was a big challenge for Dmitrii to organise his two participants from Kazan and Moscow, so that the communication technology and the competition equipment worked properly at both locations.

Hilmar Tetsch is from Stadtentwässerung Stuttgart (SES) and water technology chief expert. On the German side, he had the task of coaching the German participant Maren Nagel from Cologne and maintaining the necessary neutrality.

The Hybrid Challenge was conducted under the direction of Adiro Automatisierungstechnik, Hamza Lekhbizi, who was supported by Thomas Schwab.
The Challenge was divided into three sections:

  • Speed quiz with many technical questions on water technology and water management.
  • Process engineering of a sewage treatment plant with the DWA's magnetic card construction kit and
  • FESTO Edukit PA assembly, measurement and control technology with the Festo EasyPort and the FluidLab PA software.

The participants and experts were interviewed by Dr Nader Imani at the end of the competition. Both camps drew a positive conclusion: the hybrid competition was a success, but in no way replaces the real face-to-face event.

The Hybrid Competition was not only attended by the participants, but other guests also travelled to the event. Lukas Kohl, who represented Germany in Kazan at the last WorldSkills Water Technology, was on site. His apprentice Martin Baum from SUN Nuremberg also travelled to Esslingen to support the event. Aswatha Narayana, the Indian gold medallist, was able to talk to the participants about his experiences in Kazan at the event. Winning the gold medal at WorldSkills Kazan helped Aswatha get a scholarship to study Water Resources Engineering and Management (WAREM) at the University of Stuttgart Thus, it pays off to be present at the Worldskills Water Technology!

All participants were tested for Covid



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