Measuring unit for haptic tests


RoHaC - Robot Haptic Checker 

A measuring unit for haptic tests.

The haptic perception of operating elements is becoming more and more important. Whether their operation feels pleasant can influence a purchase decision.

RoHaC consists of a tactile gripper that is attached to the robot arm, with sophisticated and powerful software in the background.

Technical data of the measuring application


  • Low weight under 2kg - ideal for small robots.
  • Very compact design.
  • Test force adjustable - adaptation to the current test part.
  • Measuring resolution:
    -force transducer < 50N.
    -Absolute travel up to 1µm depending on the encoder.
    -approx. 30N peak force on linear motor.
  • Maximum test force, force measuring range and stroke deflection variable. Linear or spindle motor.
  • Simultaneous assignment of force to displacement, extremely high reproducibility of the measuring curve.
  • Reliable detection of haptics, quality assessment of hysteresis and friction within the actuator.


  • Database connection.
  • Measurement data export in .csv format.
  • Decentralized control of robot and measuring unit via TCP/IP - therefore very universal connection to different systems.
  • Graphical force-displacement display (zoomable).



Developed in cooperation with

CMO-SYS GmbH, Fraunhoferstr. 21, 73037 Göppingen


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