Fitting of a belt system for a laser joining centre


  • Fitting of a belt system for a laser joining centre
    Robot: RV-5AJ
  • The entire plant consists of two subsystems that can run separately from each other and which are both operated by the robot. In the first plant section, the robot picks up a part overhead and places it on a WT. Before that, it uses another gripper to pick up a finished part from the WT and exchanges it for the new part. The finished workpiece is then moved by the robot to a cleaning and measuring station and then, depending on the result, either deposited as an NOK or sorted back into the pallet overhead.
  • In the second plant section, the robot picks a tray from a drawer system and places it in a processing station. From here, similar processing cycles as in the first part of the system follow. After the tray has been processed, it is sorted back into a drawer.

Special Features

  • 5-fold gripper
  • Over-head gripping and thus the most extreme travel movements
  • Type diversity
  • complex, automatic basic position movement of the robot from any situation.
  • Error management
  • To improve the cycle time, the system was rebuilt after a run time and the RV-5AJ was replaced by the faster RV-6SL.



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