Marking of artificial joints with a laser


  • The system uses a laser to mark balls and cups (artificial hip joints).
  • Lot size 1
  • In the plant there is a SPS as a superordinate control.
  • Robot is a RV-5AJ (or after modification RV-6SL)

Special Features

  • perfect concentricity of the gripped parts during laser marking
  • Precision in gripping the parts from the blister.
  • Highest demands on the accuracy of the robot.
  • Transfer of the marking code (12 characters from PLC to robot)
  • Short cycle time
  • To increase efficiency, the system was retrofitted with a RV-6SL robot at the customer's site (even faster cycle times and accuracies are possible)
Beschriften von künstlichen Gelenken mit einem Laser



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